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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:
michael cuellarAs a professor of Computer Information Systems, I am interested in understanding how to bring projects in on-time, on-budget and with meeting expectations. My research to date has focused on why project managers don't listen to reports of bad news, reasons why IS projects or re-engineered business processes fail to be implemented successfully and how to study these kind of phenomena.
I have also begun a stream of research into business analytics. In particular, I ask the question here, "How can we make the analytics process more successful?" Recognizing that the past is not a predictor of the future, I have developed a qualitative technique to let analysts know when their models will stop working.
My target research approach is that of "action research." Action research means that the researcher works with a practitioner to solve a practical business problem with the solution based on current theoretical insights. The results hopefully improve the situation and provide information to add to current theory.
I look forward to working with industry to improve their project results. I have worked with a major public sector IT organization to suggest improvements to their project status reporting system.
Specialties: Project Governance, project management education, consulting, presentations, situation analysis and reporting


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