Cris Curtis, VP of Programs

Cris CurtisCris and his wife Joan live in Rincon, Ga and are the parents of Crystal Swanger, Jonah, and Chase. Theylove entertaining their two grandchildren, Kinley and Camden.Cris earned a Masters of Business Administration from Florida Institute of Technology and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU)and is a member of the EKU Football Hall of Fame where he played Tight-end for the 1979-81 Division I-AA NCAA Championship and Runner-up Football teams.Cris has aProject Management Institute Project Management Professional Certification. For the last five years Cris has been the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Materials and Process Engineering Managerenabling employees to champion innovation and sustainability. For over three decades,Cris hasresearched, developed, qualified, certified and implementedmany materials and processes that are of metallic, non-metallic, and composite nature. His previous position was a Subsystem Area Engineering Managerfor the Space Shuttle Program’sOrbiter Project responsible for Materials, Processes, Thermal Control, Purge, Vent and Drain. Cris received United Space Alliance (Lockheed Martin/Boeing)2006 Technical Achievement Team of the Year award for leading the development and implementation of an in-place crack repair method for the Orbiter’smain propulsion system’s metallic propellant flow liner eliminating major impact to launch schedules after return to flight. In addition,he was thecorrosion control and aging Orbiter materials Program Manager. Cris earned NASA’s 2000 environmental and energy program award. In 2006,Crisled the resolution for STS-116 high delta pressure on ascent and championed a2007 NASA high definition movie #06 documenting lessons learned and the importance of process control with NASA’s suppliers and contractors. Cris completed three leadership training programs with Gulfstream, Boeing and USA. In 1986,as a Production Operation Assistant Foreman Criscontributed to the recognition of a reporting deaf mute employee as Martin Marietta’semployee of the year, bylearning sign language.Cris loves nature and pays attention to detailsand identified the woodpecker damage ofthe Space Shuttle’s External Tank while setting on the launch pad prior to the long labor day weekend.